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Build Health. Live Well. 
First visit to establish care as a new patient with Prairie Naturopathic Doctors. 

This visit includes functional assessments and time with the doctor to review your detailed history, health goals and complete a physical examination.
The onboarding process involves a 2nd visit within 1 week of your first visit.  At this time, the provider will review results of the assessment as well as their treatment recommendations.  This is included in the cost of your first visit. 

We require a $50 Booking Fee, which we will collect over the phone with you.  The booking fee will go towards the cost of your First Office Visit.  

CPT: 99205
New patient visit for children ages 2-9 
This age range receives a discount on initial and return visits.  

We require a $50 Booking Fee, which we will collect over the phone with you.  The booking fee will go towards the cost of your First Office Visit.  
A 30 minute session with a naturopathic doctor to learn about our PND Detox Programa focused program designed to help your body improve its detoxification methods from exposure to things like BPA, glyphosate, formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. that are contributing to less efficient function of your body's systems and are linked to diabetes, auto-immune disease, hypertension, and so on. 

This program is open to anyone; you do not have to be an established patient at the clinic. 

For information on some of our results, explore our website.  
30 minute exploratory session with a Naturopathic doctor to learn about care at Prairie Naturopathic Doctors and what it looks like to become a patient.  This is also a meet and greet to see if we are a good fit for working together to reach your health goals. 
Naturopathic Physiotherapy Treatments (NPTs)

This therapy combines specifically timed thermal applications with biologically compatible electro-therapies to improve circulation and the biological function the doctor is seeking. Naturopathic physiotherapies have a long track record of safety and effectiveness. 

The combination of thermal and electro-therapy units are determined at each visit by the doctor after listening to your heart tones and bowel sounds, and considering your symptoms. The selection, combination, and order of the electro-therapy devices and the timing of the thermal applications are adjusted according to your individual condition. The individualized treatment is charted by the doctor and then administered by one of our specially trained medical assistants. The treatments are pleasant, relaxing, and take about 45 minutes.  

Different Naturopathic Physiotherapy treatments are used to treat people with infections, autoimmune conditions, pain, arthritis, colitis, constipation, skin diseases, cancer, menstrual cycle disorders, asthma, liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, ankle sprains, and many other conditions. Research has demonstrated that a series of treatments improves liver, kidney, digestive, and thyroid function, improved cholesterol values, and a normalization of high and low blood sugar levels. Other research has shown an increase in the number of white blood cells by 10,000 on average after only one treatment.

Our standard return office visits are for existing patients to focus on re-evaluation of existing symptoms or evaluation of new symptoms, repeat physical examination and review recommended adjustments to your individualized, comprehensive treatment plan focused on corrective care to build health and live well. 
~For established patients only~
 If you are not an established patient, but have a more urgent concern, please call our office at 612-236-0002 to discuss further.

A visit to address acute/urgent care matters for proper evaluation/assessment and treatment and/or referral.
The visit is to focus on ONE primary concern regarding ACUTE SYMPTOMS.  If there are other concerns that are time sensitive, please call to schedule a standard visit with your provider, so we can provide you with adequate care.  

Some common concerns that are addressed in acute/urgent visits: respiratory infections, musculoskeletal injuries, headaches, vertigo, ear infection, acute digestive disturbance, like food poisoning, new onset skin rash.  
We will call you to confirm the appointment.  
Thermography Full Body scan
Payments made directly to Picture My Health, LLC

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Thermography Half Body Scan
Payments made directly to Picture My Health, LLC

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Breast or single region/area of concern. 
Fees paid directly to Picture My Health, LLC

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Breast and additional single region/area of concern. 
Fees paid directly to Picture My Health, LLC

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